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From: OldBeaver on
What is expected from Microsoft Vista is a solution, not more problems.
To follow your solution is a pain, bigger than the original problem.

You just make a good operating system, OR, as you constatly spy our
computers and ask for sending error messages, just make an easy automatic
solution to users who paid for an OPERATING system, not an NON-OPERATING
system or QUASI-OPERATING system.

Tks, A LOT !

"France" wrote:

> Hi! I had a problem solved thanx to some forums on web, so I post this.
> In D-Link Wireless Network, after installing SP3 at the boot of PC, there is
> an error message about wlanapi.dll. To resolve:
> The D-Link AirPlus Utility does not work with Windows XP Service Pack 3.
> Upon loading, it displays: "AirGCFG.exe - Entry Point Not Found. The
> procedure enry point apsGetInterfaceCount could not be located in the
> dynamic link library wlanapi.dll.".
> A workaround is to use the pre-SP3 version of wlanapi.dll and place it in
> the appropriate directories. Upon loading, this version of the file will be
> used instead of the version in the System32 directory.
> xcopy %Windir%\$NtServicePackUninstall$\wlanapi.dll
> "%ProgramFiles%\D-Link\AirPlus G"
> xcopy %Windir%\$NtServicePackUninstall$\wlanapi.dll
> "%ProgramFiles%\ANI\ANIWZCS2" --
> it worked fine on my PC desktop with Windows XP Pro SP3.....
> Bye
> Francesco
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