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> A good
> thing that, as backspacing is not allowed for stream-access files.

I should have said that backspacing is not allowed for unformatted
stream-access files.

Robert Corbett
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> Shortly after posting this, I remembered that there is a better way to
> get the same effect, namely to use the STATUS='REPLACE' specifier in
> the OPEN statement.

Yes. I recall status='replace' as one of the new features that nobody
tended to talk about in f90, but was very useful. Prior to that,there
was just no really portable way to achieve the same thing. The
status='delete' trick required you to be able to sucessfully open the
old file, which could fail if you got properties of the file wrong.
(Stream access is much more likely to be able to open an arbitrary file,
but we didn't have that yet then.)

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> Furthermore, to those who are used to thinking of streams as the most
> basic type of files, using STATUS='REPLACE' is more natural than to use
> a record oriented statement such as ENDFILE on a file opened for STREAM
> access.
> -- mecej4

ENDFILE has its uses for stream-access files, namely, if the file is
to be truncated at any point other than the start of the file.

Bob Corbett