From: kvnsateesh on
I have a table called CONTACTS with 14 columns.13 columns are of type
varchar/datetime/int and 14th column is image (BLOB) type.
After successfully opening the DB(MSSQL) connection,I am executing the
following statement.
m_pDb->ExecSql(wxString(wxT("select * from CONTACTS")), &pColInfo,
This statement is executing successfully and I am getting correct
number of columns into nColCount and filled pColInfo array.
Here I have 2 problems. (After calling m_pDb->GetNext())
1. Only colName & dbDataType members are filled into each wxDbColInf
for each column and rest of the members are not filled.
2. dbDataType member is always filled with 0, instead of 5
(DB_DATA_TYPE_BLOB), for the image (BLOB) column. But when I try to
get the data for this column using GetData() function I am able to
fetch the image data.

Please tell me how to overcome this problem? I cannot use GetColumns()
function of wxDb as we are implementing a generic database access
layer and client supplied query may have complex joins/conditions that
may involve more than one table.

Many Thanks
-Satish Kumar