From: Vadim Zeitlin on
On 2009-11-30, Christian Hackl <hacki(a)> wrote:
> As I take it, the recommended workaround for the fact that list
> selection events cannot be vetoed is to manually reset the selection to
> its previous state. However, when I try to do so, the event handler is
> called twice in the process.

I think you should try to filter the extra events in your own code by e.g.
ignoring any of them pertaining to the item you're already trying to return
selection to.

> Is this a bug? Am I trying to do something horribly wrong? What can I
> do? Any hints appreciated.

There is probably a bug but I'd say that the wrong thing to do is to try
to emulate vetoing a selection event -- it's not possible for a good reason
and your users wouldn't expect it.


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