From: peito.vive on
I'm using wxExecute to launch a process from my main function. The
call is like this one:
long wxExecute(const wxString& command, wxArrayString& output,
wxArrayString& errors, int flags = 0).
This way, I can capture the output and error streams of the process I
Since I'm launching the process in synchronous mode, wxExecute should
return -1 if the process couldn't be launched, but it also returns -1
when the process (basically a parser written by me) trows an
assertion, like assert(a > 0) for example.
The problem is that I need to capture the error message attached to
that assertion, but it seems when wxExecute returns -1, both
wxArrayString& output, wxArrayString& errors are empty, so no messages
are captured.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.