From: David Goldsmith on
Hi Matt, et al.

OK, now I'm trying to build wxVTK, which, as near as I can tell, isn't
yet compatible w/ 2.8, so I downloaded and installed 2.6.4 and that
appears to be working (bombs and life demos work at least).

Now, wxVTK uses Cmake instead of configure; inside my wxVTK folder, I
made a debug folder, cd-ed into that, ran ccmake .. and configured that
as best as I could (including perusing the advanced mode settings) - I
got no errors.

When I run make, it quits trying to link


w/ an Undefined symbols error, leading off w/, you guessed it, wxOnAssert.

Now, this may be beyond the scope of this list, but I couldn't figure
out how to specify "--disable-unicode" in ccmake (as a first stab at a

Help (if possible)!


PS: I assume the patch you submitted only patched 2.8.4, not 2.6.4, correct?

Matt Connolly wrote:
> Just today I came up with the same "wxOnAssert" link error when
> building UNICODE libraries with the xcode project from wxWidgets 2.8.4.
> The problem was very simple: the precompiled header was not being made
> for "objective-c++" only "c++".
> The ".mm" files did not include "wx/prec.h" at the top of them, so
> they were relying solely on the precompiled headers. Since enabling
> UNICODE is done via setting the wxUSE_UNICODE build flags, this wasn't
> being set, so the Objective-C++ files were being linked against the
> wrong thing.
> After adding the precompiled headers for "objective-c++", the problem
> went away.
> However, I think that the standard #include <wx/prec.h> should be
> placed at the top of the .mm files for projects that do not have a
> precompiled prefix header.
> Regards,
> Matt
> On 26/06/2007, at 3:40 AM, David Goldsmith wrote:
>> David L Goldsmith wrote:
>>> Robin Dunn wrote:
>>>> What do you get when you run this:
>>>> /usr/local/bin/wx-config --libs
>>> Oooh, loads and loads!
>>>> That is what you should use for linking, if that doesn't work then
>>>> there is a bug.
>>> OK, of the wx things it couldn't find, that eliminated all but
>>> wxOnAssert - it still can't find that.
>> I built an ansi build of wx and tried to build the same code against
>> that - that got rid of the missing wxOnAssert symbol linker error; is
>> that a bug in the Unicode build process/result?
>> DG
>> <>
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