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There were numerous errors with my last announcement, so here is the

The biggest change was an updated QEMU for x49gp that I finally got
around to checking in. This also fixes a few problems building on 64-
bit OSes.

There is a bug somewhere that I have yet to track down--on some
systems the labels to not appear on the keys. The hack around this was
to provide a hp50g.png file with the keys already printed. If any of
you find the bug please let me know and I'll check it in.

Tested configs: Ubuntu 9.04/9.10 32/64 bits, CentOS 5.4 64-bit, Fedora
12 64-bit, OS/X 10.6.3 64-bit. OS/X 10.5.x should still work.

I'll try to get a Windows build done this summer. I may create an OS/X
version using a native GTK so that macports is not required.

What is x49gp? x49gp is a 50g emulator that also emulates the ARM
processor. It is the only emulator that can run HPGCC 2 and 3

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