From: Matteo on

sto provando a leggere un file xml ma non riesco a venirne fuori ...
infatti lancio il wruncbl32 books.acu
ma non mi da il risultato ...
sicuramente sto sbagliando qualche variabile in runtime ...
qualche idicazione ?

questo il sorgente

identification division.
program-id. books.
* Copyright (c) 2003 by Acucorp, Inc.
* Users of ACUCOBOL may freely use this file.

* This program displays the records in the bookfile.xml file.

* Create and bookfile.fd by executing
* xml2fd -p xml- bookfile.xml

* Note that this assumes that the bookfile.xsd file is available.
* If it is not, then the bookfile.fd generated will not allow this
* program to compile (it will have too few occurrances of some
* table elements).

* Compile this program with the flags "-Fax -Fc" (optionally use "-Gd"
* to use the debugger).

* Run it with the cblconfig configuration file. 2 records should be

environment division.
input-output section.
* .\ - Generated by xml2fd from bookfile.xml on 2006/01/23
select xml-bookfile
assign to disk "bookfile.xml"
binary sequential
status is xml-bookfile-status.

data division.
file section.
* .\bookfile.fd - Generated by xml2fd from bookfile.xml on 2006/01/23
fd xml-bookfile.
01 xml-transaction.
06 xml-Lender.
11 xml-name pic x(30).
11 xml-street
pic x(30).
11 xml-city pic x(30).
11 xml-state pic x(2).
06 xml-Borrower.
11 xml-name pic x(30).
11 xml-street
pic x(30).
11 xml-city pic x(30).
11 xml-state pic x(2).
06 xml-note pic x(255).
06 xml-books.
11 book occurs 10 times.
16 xml-bookTitle
pic x(30).
16 xml-pubDate
pic x(30).
16 xml-replacementValue
pic x(7).
16 xml-maxDaysOut
pic x(3).

working-storage section.
01 xml-bookfile-status pic xx.

screen section.
01 books-screen.
03 lender.
05 "Lender" line 4 col 1.
05 from xml-name of xml-lender line 5 col 3.
05 from xml-street of xml-lender line 6 col 3.
05 from xml-city of xml-lender line 7 col 3.
05 from xml-state of xml-lender line 8 col 3.
03 borrower.
05 "Borrower" line 4 col 41.
05 from xml-name of xml-borrower line 5 col 43.
05 from xml-street of xml-borrower line 6 col 43.
05 from xml-city of xml-borrower line 7 col 43.
05 from xml-state of xml-borrower line 8 col 43.
03 book-info.
05 "Title" line 10 col 1.
05 "Pub Date" line 10 col 41.
05 "Value" line 10 col 53.
05 "Days" line 10 col 63.
03 one-book occurs 10 times.
05 from xml-booktitle line + 1 col 1.
05 from xml-pubdate col 41.
05 from xml-replacementvalue col 53.
05 from xml-maxdaysout col 63.

procedure division.
open input xml-bookfile.
perform until xml-bookfile-status = "10"
read xml-bookfile next
at end
display "No more data" line 24
not at end
display books-screen
initialize xml-transaction
accept omitted
close xml-bookfile.

questo il file xml :
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<transaction borrowDate="2001-10-15">
<Lender phone="607.555.2222">
<name>Doug Glass</name>
<street>416 Disk Drive</street>
<Borrower phone="310.555.1111">
<name>Britta Regensburg</name>
<street>219 Union Drive</street>
<note>Lender wants these back in two weeks!</note>
<book bookID="123-4567-890">
<bookTitle>Earthquakes for Breakfast</bookTitle>
<book bookID="123-4567-891">
<bookTitle>Avalanches for Lunch</bookTitle>
<book bookID="123-4567-892">
<bookTitle>Meteor Showers for Dinner</bookTitle>
<book bookID="123-4567-893">
<bookTitle>Snacking on Volcanoes</bookTitle>
<transaction borrowDate="2002-11-18">
<Lender phone="619.555.2222">
<name>Philip Glass</name>
<street>146 Floppy Drive</street>
<Borrower phone="310.555.1111">
<name>Britta Regensburg</name>
<street>219 Union Drive</street>
<book bookID="321-4567-890">
<bookTitle>Day Tripping in San Francisco</bookTitle>
<book bookID="321-4567-891">
<bookTitle>3 Ways to better skiing</bookTitle>
<book bookID="321-4567-892">
<bookTitle>Skylines of Utah</bookTitle>

From: yogibear on
In the directory where you found the sample program is a runtime
configuration file cblconfig.

You need to execute the COBOL program using this config file. On
Windows this would be:

wrun32 -c cblconfig books.acu

From: Matteo on
I find it after but now the problem is to create the file .xsd from the .xml

but I do not find instruction form make this ...


From: yogibear on
The sample program shows how COBOL can read an xml file. Are you trying
to create a schema for an xml file?

There are a number of configuration file entries, look for config
variables that start with AXML_