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marnieann24 wrote:
> I had to redo my computer and when i reinstall windows it is say that my
> key code isnt working.

What are the *exact* words of the error message? Until we know that,
we're guessing about possible solutions.

You need to examine the Product Key very carefully. It's awfully
easy to mistake a "B" for an "8," a "G" for a "6," an "S" for a "5," or
a "Q" for a "0" or "O." Fortunately, Microsoft had the good sense to
leave the "1's," "I's," "O's," and "0's" out of the equation. Also, be
sure that your <CapsLock> is _off_ while entering the Product Key --
this isn't supposed to make a difference, but I've seen it do so, on
rare occasions.

Troubleshooting Invalid CD Key Error Message During Windows XP Setup;en-us;310637

> When I called they said I would have to purchase
> another software kit.

Called who, precisely? There should be absolutely no need to purchase
a new license, assuming that you had a legitimate license to start with.

> Is there anywhere that I can go and get a code
> for free??

Not legitimately.


Bruce Chambers

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