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On Apr 30, 4:09 am, mhoys <matthias.h...(a)> wrote:
> On Apr 29, 7:28 pm, Lost and Found <dat...(a)> wrote:
> > And here I was thinking it was vaporware.
> > I was on MOS researching an issue when I saw it: patchset
> > for Linux x86-64.
> > Had to triple check to make sure it wasn't an optical illusion - but
> > it's got patch notes and everything!
> > Only appear to be out for Linux x86-64 at the moment.
> > Gonna take it for a spin in one of our test databases in the next few
> > days.
> > -BC
> Only 19 downloads yet?
> MOS search is so terrible. Is there a page where you can get a clear
> overview of all platforms with their most recent patch set?
> Matthias

Go to MOS, select the Patches & Updates tab.

In the Patching Quick Links section, under "Oracle Server/Tools",
there is a link for "Latest Patchsets".

Click on that and it will pop-up another window/tab.

Hover your mouse over the "Oracle Database" product. Do not click the

A list of platforms will appear. If you hover your mouse over any
specific platform, a list of the latest patchsets for that platform
will appear.

Kind of convoluted, but it works.