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On Dec 24, 3:27 pm, Dynamic26 <Dynamic26.43p...(a)> wrote:
> Hi
> I have two issues.
> 1. I Can see error in Event Viewr >>Application Log
> Even when I clear the Log it get populated with VBRuntime errors within
> seconds
> Event Type:     Information
> Event Source:   VBRuntime
> Event Category: None
> Event ID:       1
> Date:           12/25/2009
> Time:           1:22:10 AM
> User:           N/A
> Computer:       GANESHSO-E77189
> Description:
> The VB Application identified by the event source logged this
> Application : Thread ID: 2408 ,Logged:
> For more information, see Help and Support Center at
> 2. In my task manager I can see NBMIG.exe consumes CPU very high amount
> of CPU continuesly.
> almost more than 85 to  90% all the time.
> I have QuickHeal Anitivirus installed.
> Please let me know how I can get thes issues resolved.
> Thanks in
> --
> Dynamic26
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To eliminate questions and guessing, please provide additional
information about your system.

Click Start, Run and in the box enter:


Click OK, and when the System Summary info appears, click Edit, Select
All, Copy and then paste the information back here.

There will be some personal information (like System Name and User
Name), and whatever appears to be private information to you, just
delete it from the pasted information.

Perform some scans for malicious software, then fix any remaining

Download, install, update and do a full scan with these free malware
detection programs:

Malwarebytes (MBAM):
SUPERAntiSpyware: (SAS):

They can be uninstalled later if desired.