From: Mark Andrews on
I have found a few occasions where the quick filters do not work properly if
the control name is not the same as the underlying
field name (particularly combo boxes). Otherwise I agree with Jeanette on
everything she says.

I use split forms and quick filters in everything.

If you just don't see the checkboxes (but still see the filtering options)
that could be due to the number of unique values and the general setting in
Access options. I agree with you that states should work for showing the
checkboxes even with default settings in access options.

Hope some of this helps,

Mark Andrews
RPT Software

"Andre" <no(a)> wrote in message
> I created a split form that is based on a query and was hoping that I
> could use the Quick Filter option, but it does not display any values with
> the respective check boxes, just Sort and Text or Number filters.
> There aren't that many records, and some of the fields contain the 2
> letter state codes, surely that should work.
> Quick filter do however work just fine if I open the table.
> What am I missing here ?
> Thanks