From: Erik Funkenbusch on
On Thu, 21 Jan 2010 21:49:51 GMT, 7 wrote:

> Another Micoshfat centric myth dies: 75% of Linux developers are now paid
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In 7's world, he can't quite get his head around simple math concepts.

The article he links to, says 75% of the code in the Linux kernel is
written by paid developers. I'm certain that's true.

However, somehow, in 7's twisted mind, this somehow was translated as "75%
of Linux developers are now paid"

He can't quite seem to tell the difference between code and developers.

Let's use a simple, fabricated example. Suppose there are 250,000 Linux
developers, but only 2500 Kernel developers. And of those 2500 kernel
developers, 250 contribute to 75% of the code and are paid.

So, 1/1000th of the Linux developers, or .1% are shown to be paid, but
somehow in 7's twisted mind this equals 75% of developers (though
astronomically unlikely given the large number of hobbyist developers
working on Linux).

Of course the actual numbers are different, and for all we know it could
actually be 75% of developers, but that's not supported by the article 7
uses to back up his claims, and it proves his logic isn't even close to