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markhobley(a) (Mark Hobley) wrote:
> Try using the following startup options:
> noapic nolapic pci=noacpi

Those didn't fix it, but they gave me something to Google -- which took
me to

After several hours of experimenting, I got the following results for
different options:

[no ACPI options]
Console resolution 128x48. Desktop always freezes. Ctrl-Alt-[Fsomething]
inoperative after freeze.

"acpi=off" or "acpi=ht"
Console resolution 80x25. Desktop usually OK, but occasionally scrambles
and freezes (with some text visible along the lines of "CPUOK" and
"CPUfrequency"). Ctrl-Alt-[Fsomething] switches terminals OK after
freeze. Processor scaling unsupported, and processor overheats ("CPU0:
Temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled").

"pci=noacpi" or "acpi=noirq" or "pnpacpi=off" or "noapic" or "nolapic"
Console resolution 128x48. Desktop usually freezes, but occasionally OK.
Ctrl-Alt-[Fsomething] inoperative after freeze. Processor scaling on

So I can get reasonable functionality with "acpi=off" but at the cost of
processor overheating.

Any ideas how to get the functionality without any overheating?

Thanks in advance,

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