From: Matty J on
Hi there

I am a web developer, and I have web hosting with GoDaddy that allows
the multiple websites/domains I develop to be hosted with them. I can
also use it for subdomains of my own domain name to preview work to
clients before it is live.

An annoying issue I'm experiencing regarding subdomains of my domain
name is that I've setup virtual directory / application roots in
subfolders of my web server in my hosting account, and I point the
subdomain to the IP of the server, and whilst this works, any use of
the application root operator / tilde (~) resolves to a URL includeing
the root of the server AND the subdirectory corresponding to the
application root as well, instead of just relative to the application

I am trying to get to the bottom of this but I am uncertain where the
problem is likely to be stemming from.

If anyone can tell me I'd greatly appreciate it.