From: Razvan on
I have a remoting server which listens on port 61000 over TCP.
A client trying to connect to this server, on the same machine, from ASP
..NET receives an Socket Exception "An existing connection was forcibly closed
by the remote host".

In the remoting client configuration file the server url is referenced as

I've realized that by changing the url in the config file of the client to
use the loopback IP address instead of localhost, everything works

However, I do no not understand why this is happening only under IIS. I've
also created a console app that connects successfully to the remoting server
using the same configuration file for the client.

I've reproduced it on a Windows 2008 Server Enterprise edition, IIS 7 with
ASP .NET 2.0.

I suspected this has something to do with a recent windows update, because
this worked, in the same configuration, a couple of weeks ago. BUT on a
second machine, having the same patches applied this doesn't reproduce.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.