From: Andrew McLaren on
On 11/03/2010 01:29, Bill Cunningham wrote:
> I couldn't get it to install. I got Error messages. I can get platform
> SDK to install. Is that what I want?
> Bill

Maybe; install it, and see if it has the info you need.

Windows has several different API sets which work with multimedia data
such as AVI files, depending on the context - eg MCI, AVIFile, Media
Encoder, DirectShow, WPF, and even Silverlight. Since you mentioned gcc
I assumed you are working at a low level, and are looking for fairly
primitive C/C++ type APIs. DirectShow is probably the most versatile
current API for C++. Note that it is based on COM, not "raw" Win32.

If you want to start just by reading the SDK documentation, you'll find
everything here online at:


You seem to be having a lot of difficulty with some very basic steps in
this project. Nothing wrong with that - maybe Windows is not the
platform your programming experience comes from. But at this rate you
may need a *lot* of assistance before you get your Win32-based AVI
Viewer up and and running. You may want to try looking around in
newsgroups such as:


Many folks there are fulltime multimedia developers working with C and C++.