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If you are out there Brian K please let me know what you think . Say
I replace my Dell Studio 1745 laptop’s HD with a new one and move the
original Dell HD to the second bay. This new 500GB HD will have Win7
also and will of course be taking the place of the original one
(connected via SATA to mobo)
The new HD does not have the first and second hidden primary
diagnostic and recovery partitions, only Win 7.
I now install BING as per instructions and put in an 8MB primary
partition in the new HD.
Now here’s the thing. Say now I use BING and try to fool the BIOS
with the good old SWAP deal into booting the second HD thinking it is
the C: drive. Everything looks good so I restart again into the 2nd
HD but as it boots I try the F12 or F8 keys that normally bring up
the diagnostic and recovery functions menu.

What actually happens.

Would I be able to access the diagnostic and recovery partitions.

Thank You Mr. K

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You would certainly be able to boot the Diagnostic partition but not in the
way you suggested. The Diagnostic partition is just a FAT partition. So
create a Boot Item and use Swap. I have no idea whether this would work for
the Restore partition. I boot my Diagnostic partition using a Boot Item. Not
via F12.

See the website I suggested for a good tutorial on installing Win7 in
association with BING. I'm not sure if your HD already has Win7 installed.
If not, install BING first. That makes installing Win7 even easier.

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