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I am new in this group. I am using Docking window in my application.
When I dock more than one window to each other. I read that it creates
container for all that panes. Now when I am docking 3-4 windows
horizontally , It create one vertical resizing bar. I want that bar
remove and also remove the facility of resizing on some condition.
but window should not be undocked. It must be in same position and
also I must able to resizing horizontally. Just I want to turn off the
vertical resizing as well as remove vertical bar or make it thinner.

If anyone has any solution. Please mail me on jigar.0508(a)

Thanks & Regards
Jigar Bhatt
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"jigar" <jigar.0508(a)> wrote in message

> If anyone has any solution. Please mail me on jigar.0508(a)

The way that newsgroups work is that you ask on the newsgroups and read any
answers on the newsgroup. That way other interested people benefit from
the answers, and the person giving the answer will not be expected to answer
it 23 times to 23 different people in a short period. And of course
different people can elaborate on the answers. This is what used to be
called 'nettiquette'.

e-mail is fine for private conversations. Newsgroups work for a more
general mutual benefit.

David Webber
Mozart Music Software
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