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>> Has anyone suggest registering the dao dll in this
>> thread yet? For example regsvr32 "C:\Program Files
>>>(x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\DAO".
>> An easy way to register a file is to search for both files at one
>> time (<insert name of your file> REGSVR32.EXE) then drag and drop
>> the OCX/DLL onto the EXE. As most relevant DLLs and OCXs reside
>> in c:\<your windows version>\system32 you can try in this
>> directory first to minimize searching time. If that doesn't find
>> both then go up a directory level to c:\<your windows version>.
> Well, on Vista/Win7, you have to run Regsvr32 as admin in order for
> it to work (unless you've turned off UAC and are running as admin),
> so you might be able to do what you suggest with drag and drop if
> you create a shortcut to Regsvr32 and set it to run as admin.
> There's also a 64-bit/32-bit issue here, and I dont' know if that's
> part of the problem or not.
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