From: John Woram on
I used More Tools/"Microsoft Forms 2.0 Frame" to add a scrollbar to one
slide's image. This works fine, but now every time I open the saved file I
get the following message:

"This application is about to initialize ActiveX controls that might be
unsafe. If you trust the source of this document, select Yes ..." Well, of
course I trust the doc, because I'm the one who created it.

The message also states "If you have changed the default setting for ActiveX
initialization during the installation process ... the system will perform
the initialization of the ActiveX control ..."

If I exit the message box by clicking "Yes" then the control is initialized
and the scrollbar works. So it's just a minor annoyance to have to answer
this question every time I open the file. And, the above message seems to
hold a clue that if I could only figure out how to "change the default
setting" I could get rid of this message. Anyone know how to do this?

Thanks, John