From: Jesse Houwing on
Today we tried adding a "Web Reference" to an existing project and while
Visual studio usually generates a dynamic url (e.g. read from the
Properties.Settings), today it wouldn't generate that statement in the
constructor of the service class.

Instead, whatever setting we tried, it generated the code for the static
behavior. It does generate the setting in Properties.Settings. It does
add the information to the app.config, it just won't ever generate the
code to actually use that config data.

Tried removing the service, tried updating the reference, tried removing
a completely new project. No dice.

I ended up adding a class that inherits from the generated service class
and in the constructor I just override the Url with the data from the
Settings file.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it maybe a known bug?

Using Visual Studio 2008 Team Architect Edition with SP1.

Jesse Houwing
jesse.houwing at