From: Dan Crossett on
During PC setup and before a computer is logged into the domain I want to add
a AD user to a local group. Here is the logic I am trying:

Dim deLocal As New DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry("WinNT://" +
Environment.MachineName + ",computer")
Dim sUserDN As String = "CN=UserID,OU=Marketing,DC=MyDomain,DC=com"
Dim deUser As New
System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry("LDAP://" & sUserDN,
"ADadmin", "password", DirectoryServices.AuthenticationTypes.Secure)

Dim deGroup As DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry
deGroup = deLocal.Children.Find("Administrators", "group")

deGroup.Invoke("Add", New Object(), deUser.Name.ToString)
MsgBox("Add user failed!")
End Try

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