From: Clifton Ivey on
Hello all,

Once again my limited intellect has been overcome by the complexity of my
tasking. I am trying to publish from Powerpoint 2007 to a Sharepoint 2007
slide library.

When I try publishing the dynamically generated slides I get an error
message if the the files have not already been checked out. The error message
reads something like "Slide n of n (where n is the number of slides) that
were being published to (url of my slide library) failed. Try publishing

If I check the files out from Sharepoint either from within Powerpoint, or
within Sharepoint, or even using VBA I can publish the slides, but I do not
get the custom layouts that are available within the template I wrote.

If I delete the files from Sharepoint everything works fine but I lose my
version history of the previously published files.

All I want to do is allow the user to generate their slides and then using
Powerpoint publish their slides to the portal.

Any advice will be much appreciated.