From: EricG on
Here is one way to shrink the font used for the worksheet tab names.
However, this changes all windows for all programs, because you are changing
a setting of the Windows appearance, not just Excel.



"Robert Crandal" wrote:

> I'm thinking about creating a yearly Excel file where
> each month will have its own sheet and associated
> tab. This means that my file will contain 12 tabs.
> The problem with having 12 tabs is that they all cannot
> be visible at the same time at the bottom of the
> workbook, due to the limited width at the bottom.
> Ideally, I would like all 12 tabs to be visible at the
> same time. Is this possible? If not, does anyone
> have any creative ideas on how to create a 12
> sheet workbook that doesnt involve cluttered
> or partially visible tabs at the bottom of the workbook??
> thank u!
> .