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In English Swiss is Switzerland
My usual mistake
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It's my school French
Cant used myself to Switzerland
From: Gabriel Rossetti on
n00m wrote:
> Congrats!
> Your choice -- to ban building of muslim mosques -- is the only choice
> to save our civililazation.
> This yellow plague (incl. Chinese etc) must be eliminated from our
> Planet,
> They are very cunning critters, they can play on strings of
> compassion,
> but its riffraffs. What do you know about Russia? Who are yuo against
> Russia?
> Nothing. Dust. We are simply tired people.

Actually, I am Swiss and I have to say that the vote does not represent
Switzerland. In
fact, a lot of people didn't vote because they were sure it would never
pass. They just
came out with an official analysis/statistics of the vote results and it
shows that people
with higher education voted against the ban, that Christians voted for
the ban and
atheists against it. Also, if you look at the outcome for each Canton
(State), the rural
ones voted for the ban and the metropolitan/cosmopolitan ones against
it. What happened
is basically what happened in Nazi Germany, a strong campaign for the
masses and sadly
it worked.

I have several Russian friends and I have no idea what their view is on
the subject. Russia
has several Muslim ethnic groups and with most there seems to be no
problem (I'm excluding
Chechnya, even thought the conflict is more about power than religion).


the views expressed in this email are solely mine and not in any way
of my company's views or ideologies.
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Now , Gabriel, tell me:

why "they" are not much (to say the least) intrested
to build the mosques in e.g. Zimbabwe or in my Belarus?
Because in Belarus they'll get $100 per month with prices
of everything (esp food) of W.Europe level.
But nobody (nor the state, nor me) will ban this buidings.
Welcom, any nation, to live in here! No kidding.

I just see the root of the "problem".
Italians, Frenches, Germans made their country (Swiss) by their
own hands.
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And Russia is a very different story.
There muslims live side by side with "pure" Russians
for centuries. PS: Chechnya is OK (more or less) now.