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And let me to remind the fact one more time.

~100 years ago Swiss was a very very poor country.
They was coming to Tzar' Russia to earn some money
working as humble servants in Moscow's restaurants,
hotels and so on.

But they didn't demand to let them to build there
"new mosques" (Catholic cathedrals, for example).

They made their country by their brains and hands.
And they and their votes deserved to be respected
by any outsiders.
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And this ones want only to smoke hookahs, to dance, to get welfare
And to do nothing, of course.
In France for them were built hundreds of schools, colleges etc.
They had spit into French people *soul* while crushing cars, shops and
the schools.
They expose themselves as "victims" of Western civilization. Very

Sorry guys. I'm really a very kind and tolerant person but
and me too don't want "new mosques" in Swiss.
Hope (surely) you understand me right what I mean.
I'm not a troll, just currently in such a mood.
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For me Swiss is a country of Otto Frisch, Hesse
(I know hi's a Scwabian)
and many many other charming things
But really maybe maybe in some of my next lives
I visit this wonderful country:
I don't want to see there Muslim mosques
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> I don't want to see there Muslim mosques

Along with Orthodox churches.
Though I'm a baptized Orthodox, since my birth.
I admire Orthodox church cupolas, but near to me,
in my own country.

What I'm against is when someones try to hide
their laziness, stupidity, impudence etc under
sauce of "merging of cultures".