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Your choice -- to ban building of muslim mosques -- is the only choice
to save our civililazation.
This yellow plague (incl. Chinese etc) must be eliminated from our
They are very cunning critters, they can play on strings of
but its riffraffs. What do you know about Russia? Who are yuo against
Nothing. Dust. We are simply tired people.
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What do you know? Nothing.
I know all English, American, French cultures.
I know what Flaubert said in say 1857, you are are absolutely
stupid animals, you don't know nothing, and your kids are the same
stupid animals, they think only about about gadgets, foods, gears
We, Russians, know everything. True Russians. The bandits its bandits-
which you can see, e.g. Abramowitch, Berezovsky (funnily both Jews).
And you know : I became to hate England, this greatest country,
it allowed to live and visit, buy Chealsy club this bandit

For me its so humilaating........ no kidding....
Country of Faraday, Bacon, Stocks, Maxwell....
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My mom's village was bombed at 05:00, Jun 22 1941.
They bombed a nearby military aerobase.
But Luftlaffe pilots were cultured people.
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Hello my little Werner von Braun!
And Goddards -- helloa! Happy New Year!
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You hardly know it, but after WWII Schmeisser(not sure in spelling his
name) worked in team of Kalashnikov.
Not too productive "cooperation" it was, but the fact itself speaks
If not the communist plague -- Russia would be the most attractive
country for the rest of the world.
In early 19xx Swisses were absoluletely poor people, they mobbed
Russia escaping their poverty.
Until now in Russian lang word "schweitzar" means door-man, porter