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karotto <manfromvie(a)> wrote:
> Hi,
> Just as I was going to back up my 1.5TB drive to my other, identical
> drive I dropped it while spinning. It was in a case and did not hit
> hard yet it won't spin up any more. I MUST get the data off it. When I
> plug it in it beeps (buzzes) periodically but does not spin up. There
> are no dents or any signs of damage? Any ideas how to save the data?
> My last resort will be to back up the second drive then open both
> drives and pull the discs off the good drive and put the discs of the
> dropped drive inside and hope it will work. I realize I don't have a
> clean room but perhaps I can do it anyway. This is just the last
> resort. I hope some of you might have another ingenious idea to get it
> to spin up. Thank you very much. Karotto

If you MUST have the date then do the following:

1. Stop messing with it, you are causeing additional damage.
2. Contact a reputed data recovery provider, NOT the cheapest.
There are more than a few black speep in that market.
Example: Kroll-Ontrack
Get a quote. Expect >> 1000 EUR/USD
3. Hope for the best.

Side note: If you open it without the right tools and experiences,
you chances are slim indeed. Likely you will also cause head-crashes
and those make professional recovery far, far more expensive or


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