From: undisclosed on

I too greatly desire a 17 inch tablet with a bright, high quality
display at 1920x1200 resolution. Instead, I opted for the Lenovo
Thinkpad w700ds, which has a 17 inch monitor with a great display
(considered by a few publications as the greatest EVER display in a
laptop) and a wacom-tablet built in (on top of other features). It
weighs 13 pounds when you include the power brick, and saying "Oh, it's
not portable, though!" is bull**** because I carry it with me
everywhere. If it were a 17 inch tablet I would be happier though.

From: Beverly Howard on
does your use for it have to run on battery power?

I ask since there are a number of touch screen pc's that meet the 17"
requirement and are the format and size of a tablet.

Beverly Howard
From: undisclosed on

The battery actually lasts a good 3 hours on low-power mode if you
don't use the second screen.

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