From: Kyote on
A long time ago, at least 2 yrs I think it was. I found a program that
let me take several mp3 files and I could make 1 executable file that
contained the mp3s and using that exe by itself, not even opening any
of my media players, it's play those files. I can't remember if it was
strictly a sequential playback or if it could be made to play them in
a random order.

At the time I didn't think it was very useful since I could easily do
far more with my winamp.

Now though I keep all my media files on a external MyBook drive. But I
also keep other files backed up on there as well. Transfering files to
and from the drive tends to freeze the playback of my music so I was
wanting to find that program again, or one similar to it, to make
'playlist' executables. Since I mainly listen to 1 playlist or another
for hours on end I think it'd solve my current problem since I can't
really make a copy of them all on my computer.

Does anyone know of the program that can take multiple mp3 files and
make an executable from them? Or of one that does something similar
would be great too.