From: Marten on
The powers that be here have decided they want a particular look and
feel to our emails. I've worked out a method where I keep the email
signatures on the server and part of the login script uses RoboCopy to
make sure the workstation local files haven't changed.

Other parts of the request are a bit trickier to meet:
1. Ensure "Compose message in" is set to HTML
2. For both Replies and Forwarded messages, select "Include
original message text" (no indent!)
3. Set font for new messages and replies to Arial, 10 pt, black
4. For reply messages, set "Mark my comments with" to the
person's initials, ie. GL
5. Under Stationary and Fonts, set to "Use my font when replying
and forwarding messages"
6. No stationary should be used to disrupt the desired "clean"

I know these all can't be controlled by a GPO, but I was wondering if
I could control them by loading a registry file of the applicable
lines during the workstation signin process?

We are mostly Outlook 2003 with a few 2007 in use. Domian controllers
are 2003 Standard and Exchange is running 2008.

Thoughts anyone?