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I had this same problem what happened was My partition got hidden while
i was doing some experiment witn GNU GRUB anyways to fix it you need a
partition program I just happened to have a HiRens boot disc btw this
thing is a freekin life saver. I can't count the times this disc has
saved my butt. Anyways to get the disc just do a search I'm sure you can
find it then have a cd with you and burn the image to the disc and boot
it up on your computer it will give you several options one is partition
tools. Select Randish Partition Manager. it will show up with the first
disk which will prolly be the one your windows is installed in check to
make sure none of them are hidden you can also press F5 to cycle through
any other hard drives if you have any more on your computer. If your
main partition is hidden highlight it with the cursor press the insert
key and select WINDOWS NT NTFS. or if you installed windows xp as a fat
32 then use that but most likely its an NTFS install. Press F2 to save.
You can now reboot your computer and Windows should work I didn't have
to fix any files after fixing the partition so it wasn't hidden anymore.
This problem can also be caused by programs such as Partition magic.
This also explains why you got access denied when you were trying to
copy the files over to the directory but you were able to view them.

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