From: Darrell on
OK... so I am trying to learn more about the Visual Reports functionality and
I was using the example of how to create a Burndown Chart from Heather
O'Cull's blog when I noiticed that the Baseline total in my schedule and the
baseline total in the excel spreadsheet pivot chart were not the same. In my
schedule the Baseline Work field shows ~18,000hrs and in the spreadsheet is
comes in as ~14,000hrs.

I did a complete rebaseline of the entire schedule, so that the baseline and
work were the same, and the numbers are now the same in both applications;
however, I do not wish to rebaseline my completed work I only baseline
incomplete work effected by changes to the existing baseline but for some
reason even thought the baseline is rolling up in the schedule it is not
rolling up in the export using Visual Reports to create a pivot chart.

Any idea what I am doing wrong that I am getting two differnet totals?