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From: Sue Morton on
Ha. Well, I only install to C: if the program is expected to
participate wth booting, or with some other event related to running the
system without another drive letter available. Works great for me, of
course there are some considerations when restoring but it all works
(for me).

Sue Morton

"kitekrazy" <kitekrazy(a)> wrote in message
>> always
>> install programs to their default drive "C"?
>> Steve
> Makes no sense to me. I wouldn't follow that advice.

From: Martin Holmes on
Ardcorr wrote:

> Assuming you had no problems having sonar installed on drive "D"
> I'm compelled to ask why went against all popular opinion that says
> always
> install programs to their default drive "C"?

No problems at all. Sonar is a good piece of software.

Sonar comes with lots of samples and other data that's going to be
streamed off the drive when you play a track. I like to keep that data
off the OS drive, so that it can be streamed more rapidly without
interruption from the OS. My projects are on another drive, so that data
in the project can also be read without interruption.


> Steve
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