From: Dave C. on
Just for your information: using my new printer, when I print photos,
the color balance is off...toward yellow. Tried to adjust using the
built in 'color enhancement' then tried with PhotoShop, etc. to no
avail. It became too tricky.

Using the recommended settings of Photo Paper, "BL71 Paper" or "Other
Photo Paper" and other standard settings, (Brother users would be
familiar with them) pictures were shifted toward yellow, and the
yellow ink got consumed much faster that the other two.

When I used the setting of "Inkjet Paper," prints were perfect.
Papers used are HP Premium Plus Photo Paper and Hammermill Ultra
Premium Photo, both glossy.

This may be specific to to my printer, but it was a little frustrating
to get to this point. Telephone support tried to be helpful, but
offered no solution.

This might be of help if you run into this. Otherwise the printer/
scanner performs perfectly. (I do not use the FAX function.)

Dave C.