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On Feb 18, 6:59 pm, Gurveer <gurveer....(a)> wrote:
> Wow, this is pretty cool explanation and I checked out that Saturn ASM
> manual. It kinda describes in detail and I think I need more time to
> work around this. Thanks a lot!
> Sorry, just a little quick question about the BRbrowse:-)
> I could fix those arrow key actions for the Choose engine because I
> got to know that I had to control NULLLAMs 6 & 18 to change the
> highlighted item but for BRbrowse, due to lack of documentation I was
> unable to determine if there were any Nulllams being used. To move to
> desired location, I would store LAM 'BR3 to the specified row
> number(from ROMPTR E0 18) but the problem lies here, it would not
> refresh the display. The highlighted row is still the same old one but
> it executes the program based on newer selection, strange!
> > They should be documented somewhere or else I have to dig them out ;-)
> I tried looking for them but haven't found them yet, gotta dig
> more...:-)
> Thanks a lot anyways. You were of great help!
> Whole-heartedly regards,
> Gurveer

Anyways, fixed that problem too, Ran ^BRinverse, updated LAM 'BR3, LAM
'BR12, LAM 'BR14 and ran ^BRinverse again. Nosy is awesome...:-)

Thanks a lot guys out there for making such awesome tools and be
always there for help.