From: Alexander on
When I create a presentation which includes a lot of graphs and I try to open
a second presentation on the same style (graph heavy), I lose the labels and
sometimes even whole graphs from both presentations. Data is not displayed

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From: janokary on
Hi I have the same problem.
I have two presentations with 10 slides each. Every slide has a chart
diagram with data labels that display the value. I get all sorts of errors.
But the simplest one is that if I try to open both those 2 presentations many
slides will appear to be empty.
It is really frustrating and I can't work with chart if I want to display
labels. I run Office diagnostics but everything seems to be ok. After that
when I try to close powerpoint I get an error message
I have 2 particular pptx presentations that I can upload for you to see for
you self. Please tell me where you would like me to do this.

EventType : officelifeboathang P1 : powerpnt.exe P2 : 12.0.4518.1014
P3 : ntdll.dll P4 : 5.1.2600.2180

OfficeDiagnostics Information

From: janokary on
So I'll try to turn off "auto save" in excel and see what will happen. I
don't use copy paste from excel. I create graphs in PowerPoint using
powerpoint's templates and I insert values there. Is there a way to send you
2 presentations to see for your self?
From: janokary on
Autosave didn't work for me
From: janokary on
Auto save didn't work for me