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On 22 mai, 20:11, Jesse Perla <jessepe...(a)> wrote:

> When I move to linux, which set of tools can I use to get as close to
> an equivalent environment generated by CMake? I intend to use intel
> 11.1 and G++4.5, with a lot of the C++0X functionality, heavy
> boost use, and no GUIs.
> In particular, I love the integrated IDE for VS2010 with the ability
> to doubleclick on compile errors to be brought to the offending file,
> integrated debugger, intellisense with C++0X support, etc. I am not a
> professional developer, so I would prefer a slightly more IDE friendly
> environment than a hardcore command-line approach. Last, I will be
> doing a lot of MPI work, so any hints on the best dev/debugging
> environment for that would be appreciated.

The most comprehensive open-source IDE for any language is Eclipse,
which is also cross-platform.
I personally find it very unintuitive, but it surely has all the
features you want.

On Linux, there is also Anjuta, KDevelop, and a variety of text
editors which more or less advanced IDE-like features.

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