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No. Could that be the reason? I'll check it later on this weekend as my system is shut down right now.
From: Wiebe on is reentrant, so you probably won't see anything... Also, as you
will notice, the output is only updated, when the exe is terminated. Then
your buffer size also need to big enough.

If you'd use OGPipes, you can monitor the output while it runs. You can also
stop the process by sending CTRL+C to it, while it is running. It's much
more flexible.



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0048,At the Command Line input node of the System Exec.VI, use /c or /K to show the batch file commands as they execute.&nbsp; Using /c will close the Command Window when the batch file completes, /K will cause the window to stay open until the user closes it.&nbsp; You must also wire a False constant to the Wait Until Completion? (T) input node of the System Exec.VI.&nbsp; If the line echo off appears in the batch file, commands will not be displayed as they are run.&nbsp; This is a property of the batch file, not LabVIEW; remove the line from the batch file if desired.&nbsp; See <a target="_blank" href="">Additional DOS Functions for System</a> for more information.&nbsp; I hope this helps.<img src=""> Message Edited by Pie56694 on 06-23-2008 11:25 AM