From: Wayne-I-M on

Steep learning curve for me.

I am just start to create a CSS web and have created a simple drop down menu

Which "seems to work OK when I add in another couple of DIVs below (content
and Footer - note the content DIV will hold the editable region). The Header
DIV, Nav DIV and Footer DIV will only be editable on the DWT.

But as you can see – the “Hidden” is not working like it does in frontpage.
Although you can't see the drop downs they are still there – and clickable.
Drag you mouse over the Contact DIV (white bit) and the drop downs appear -

Note - the transparency of the drop downs will be sort (this is just a test

But the main problem is this anything on the Content DIV is always on top -
so the drop downs can't be seen

Am obviously doing something very basic which is wrong - any ideas would be
really helpful.

Designed in Win7

Thank you

Manchester, England.