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Take a look at Debra web, she has an excellent explanation and great video
about Pivot tables

In the above link go to the end there you will see more link to other pages

if this helps please click yes thanks

"RobFJ" wrote:

> I've four columns of data over three hundred rows :
> Gender - M or F
> Grade - 1 to 15
> Company - Five text names
> Salary - Integer figure
> I want to be able to create tables where, by company, I can calculate the
> average salaries of men and women by grade.
> I know it probably is a pivot table but can't get the steps right to get to
> where I want.
> Can SKS help with the rough pivot table steps or a generic formula that I
> could customise.
> (The four columns of data are each range-named.)
> Thanks
> .