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Hi Linq
I have a file server and two terminal servers, gigabit connected. Both
and the FE live in a share on the file server. ACC2003 is installed on
terminal servers. The terminal servers are load balanced.

If I read your post correctly, you would recommend moving a copy of the
to each user's profile on the TS.

Nevertheless, that isn't the issue YET. At the moment, there is only one
who is entering the opening equipment records. It is she who is
these delays.

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| Also, one line in your post concerns me:
| "This app is deployed with both BEs & FE in the same the network
| share."
| This sounds as if you have multiple users sharing a single front end on
| network. If this is correct, this really defeats the entire purpose of
| splitting the database. A copy of the front end should be on each
user's hard
| drive.
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