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Hi to All the brain boxes helping here,

A dilema that I've encountered & have seen others ask the same scenario is:
clicking a button which fires the OnExit event of a cbo box does not execute
the code of the button (control not transferred at that stage)

My question: is it possible to call a function from the OnExit event & the
function determines the mouse position/location on the form. If the
position/location is within the area of the button then pass back a value
(maybe just true or false?) to the sub.

That would be handy if trying to make a "Cancel" type button on a form & the
cbo box has to use the OnExit event. I've had the frustrating situation where
I'm half way through data capture & realize there's something not right with
the data so I cannot capture it now. A cancel option (not Esc Esc) for the
"what you see is your options" user would be great & although this is some
tricky coding if it can be done then I would find it worth doing.

Any suggestions, if it's possible, as to how to code something like that?

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