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Hi everyone,

Had the same problem as you Norman, in my case the file was called Dc60.
Tried everything John John said but wasn't working in safe mode for me
as well, even with the cacls syntax.

But then I tried it in regular windows mode and completely suprised it
worked and deleted the Dc60 file, and the recycle bin icon changed to

So just start windows in normal mode, open the command prompt:
Type cacls c:\recycler /t /e /g Administrators:f
Type rd /s /q/ c:\recycler

Then nothing really happens in the command prompt, you don't get any
confirmation message, only thing is that the acces denied message is

Then take a look at your recycle bin and you will see in a couple of
seconds that the file is gone and the icon is changed!

Thanks John John for the syntax, was a really persistent file!

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