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My system used to work great.

Now when I try to download and install a file, I get an error message.
I get different error messages for different files, but all of them will
not let me install the file. Although, in fact, occasionally, something
small will successfully let me install it.

This happens from all websites: canýt update Norton Antivirus, canýt
update Ad-Aware. Iýve run several other virus programs and am not
finding anything. Although once I found a virus called
Trojan.ByteVerify and quarantined it.
If I am trying to open a Zip file, all files extract except for the
executable. I get a ýbad CRCý error; telling me that the wrong number
of bytes got downloaded: Extracting DISK.EXE bad CRC d66e0d8c (should
be a1242740)
Warning: the size of the extracted file (770594) does not match the
uncompressed size (770560) recorded in the zip file
I have a router and a laptop that can download. If I put my cable into
a different router jack, I get the same problem on this system. I can
install things from floppies and a zip drive if they are downloaded on
my laptop.
If I download the file to my external drive or the zip drive on my
desktop system, I still get the error.

Iým running XP Home Edition on a Pentium IV with plenty of disk space
and memory.

Samples of messages: "The procedure entry point DoqDateTime to File
Time could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll."
"Could not initialize installation. Could not extract Wise132.dll to
'C:\DOCUME~1\default\LOCALS~1\Temp\GLC13.tmp; CRC does not match." ýThe
setup files are corrupted.ý ýThe cabinet file ýxxxxxý could not be
openedý ýThe decompression of %s failed.ý

It happens with IE, Firefox, and Netscape.

Iýve been on the phone with Microsoft support. Iýve done a Windows
Repair; and a ýparallelý install so that I have two versions of Windows
on my system. The new version does not work either.

This happened on the day that I downloaded Jave Runtime environment
1.4.2-04. Could there be a connection? I did find a site call ýJava
Problemsý that reported the my Java was running correctly.

I have no system restore to use (this surprised me). I do have
Registry Mechanic running. I donýt understand what the backups are in
it; they are not well-labelled, nor is the documentation explicit. But
I picked a backup from Nov. when things ran fine and restore using it.
Everything seems to still work, which pleases me, but it didnýt fix the

Any ideas?

Thank you.


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