From: Arif on
Hi There,
So far I have created UI in Visual Studio using
"Native"Win32 project...
I am in process of porting my small app to .Net .... I am using
Windows Forms ....

I am not able to find any HotKey control that use to be there toolbox
when working Dialogs in "native" Windows project

Am I missing something?
The way I created my project is as follow....

Earlier my project was "Native" win32 application.....

I tried adding a 'windows form' to it and it promoted me "your
is native ..and in native project you can not add windows form,, do
you want to convert it to managed proect" ( or something similar
msg) ..i said "ok go ahead convert it" .... it converted and later
I went to project Properties->Generetal->Common Language Runtime
Support and added "/clr" option myself also ...

Now while trying to add desired controls to Windows form from
Toolbox....I am surprised that Shorcut control is not there,
How could they drop any control....When Windows form is selected
Toolbox shows hell lot of controls but i just cant find
any hotkey control..... is there any control which does the same job
and it;s name is different?