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If you are using an exchange server then as mentioned by "Brian" there is no
other way to convert ost to pst. One such tool is:

"David in Ohio" wrote:

> I am running Outlook 2003. I left a company 6 months ago and was tied into
> the server when I worked at the office. Last week - due to very poor sending
> of emails - I went into email accounts and deleted the profile of the server
> email account and then created a new account and tied it into my ongoing
> email provider.
> The emails are sent accurately and quicker now, but I do not have access to
> any prior emails. I recovered the contacts and calendar through a synch with
> my Treo. How can I locate the emails through Outlook and then readily access
> them alongside the new emails?
> thanks
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JNPT wrote:
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Spammer pukes yet again in Usenet about his payware site. You don't need
his overpriced junkware.