From: Jeremy on
Hello all. I have a huge problem. I am attempting to repair a friends
computer and the error, "The local policy of this system does not allow you
to logon interactively" keeps popping up. This PC was not on a network and
was only connected to a cable modem. I Googled the error, went thru about 9
pages on Google and tried everything they recommended. I created a linux boot
disc and went in and wiped all of the passwords asscociated with all accounts
and nothing. I've tried remotely connecting to the PC and the registry while
it is plugged into my router and I get error messages that say the username
or password is not valid or Remote Desktop is not enabled on the PC. I booted
from BartPE and edited the registry to turn on Remote Desktop and the same
thing happens. I can't repair the XP install because I don't have an XP disc
with SP3 on it (but I do have 2 legal SP2 discs).

I am at a loss. I could just wipe the hard drive and start over, but I want
to figure out how this happened so it doesn't happen again. Does anyone have
any ideas? Thank you.