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This is a known issue on Win7. See

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"John Bissell" <john(a)> wrote in message
> I am unable to edit or delete recurring appointments in Outlook 2002 on
> Win7. I get an error saying "Can't open this item. The object is
> invalid." At one point it would tell me that I did not have permissions.
> If I copy the outlook.pst file to another user on the same computer (or
> another computer w/ WinXP) I am able to edit/delete the items.
> This happens for recurring items regardless of whether they are
> newly-created or have been on the calendar for months. Individual items
> work OK.
> I should note that I once deleted my ID on this computer and recreated it.
> It acts as if some sort of permissions are being denied based on the new
> credentials or something. But that makes no sense since the file works
> fine on other IDs.
> Anyway, I cannot find any explanation for this problem. I have
> uninstalled/reinstalled Office 2002 a couple of times to no avail.
> John